News and Announcements

Site News - January 30, 2024

Publishing schedule changes and upcoming community features. . .

To maintain the high quality of our content, we have decided to adjust our publishing schedule. While we have been releasing articles daily, we will now transition to publishing three times a week – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Our team is developing a range of new features for our community, including a dedicated online space for article discussions and a platform for members to pose questions to the community. We aim to launch these enhancements in the coming months. Rest assured, we will provide you with timely updates about this exciting new feature as we approach its rollout.

Site News - January 1, 2024

Happy New Year, posting schedule and Bluesky Social . . .

Happy New Year, everyone! Thrilled to welcome 2024 and hoping everyone is doing wonderfully. We've got some great news – Digital Chuck is now on Bluesky Social! We're eager to engage with all of you on this new platform. Follow us at @Digitalchuck.Com on Bluesky. Also, we're excited to announce that we've resumed our daily posting schedule! Looking forward to an amazing year ahead. - Digital Chuck

Site Update - December 29, 2023

New homepage. . .

Hello everyone! We're thrilled to unveil our new homepage – it's officially live! Our design is now more streamlined and organized, making it easier for you to navigate and find what you need. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it! - Digital Chuck

Site News - December 10, 2023

Holiday publishing schedule. . .

Hello to all our readers! A quick update: we're adjusting our article posting schedule for a while. As we approach the new year, we'll be shifting from daily updates to publishing articles twice a week, specifically on Mondays and Thursdays. This change is to accommodate our commitments during the holiday season. We appreciate your understanding and support! - Digital Chuck